In the 30 years of being involved in this incredible industry, I have found that the one thing that most Leaders are frustrated with is HOW TO KEEP THE PEOPLE in their business and keep a higher percentage of Distributors Active from year to year. Instead, it seems as if most Leaders have a REVOLVING DOOR to their business. The goal of writing this book is to give you a glimpse of a system that I feel when put into place throughout your organization, and a little shift in your PHILOSOPHY with getting people started, will allow you to enroll people one time and have them stay in your business for the rest of your Networking Career and get paid a Long Term Residual Income year after year.

Now, I know that you’re never going to have a business that’s perfect, but this system will allow you to keep a higher percentage of your new Distributors. Start teaching this SYSTEM to your whole team and find leaders that will duplicate the process and this will create momentum in everyone of your business teams. When you have momentum in every leg of your business with this system in place, this is where true Residual Income is created. When you have every Leader in your business duplicating this system into their business; now, you have LIFESTYLE!

You are going to be amazed at the new MINDSET and new BELIEF that my system creates throughout your team. So, let’s dive right into the first chapter and start closing some of the Revolving Doors. Buckle Up; here we go.